About the muse


Greetings/hola/habari/bonjour/aloha/ellen silla lúmen omentielvo!

(name those languages — without looking them up– and get a biscuit!).  

I’m called Allison by my friends (or Alli, or lady A, or pixie, or muse), and yes, I’m serious about the “not getting bored” part.  I guess I have too many things I enjoy.


The muse initiative blog began when I joined pinterest and realized I wanted to pin and share my own creations and adventures.  I then looked back on other things I love and how my friends have asked for my input, stories, suggestions, and photographs, and realized I should put this stuff out for the world to experience. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future blog posts!


I am a lover of:  adventures, music, theatre, travel, geeky things, learning, open minds, microbrews, pirates, over-using silly punctuation (ellipsis, parenthesis, en-dash) while otherwise being overly critical of proper grammar, costumes, being eco-friendly, and when people stand to the right on escalators and moving side walks.



In between writing blog posts, chatting with strangers, and referencing geeky things, I’m often in another land (be it state, country, or continent) working on touring concerts.  You can find out more about my career on my personal website (click here).

If you would like to know just a tiny bit more- or just see some more silly photos of me, visit my welcome post by clicking here!

Thank you for visiting my blog!  If I’ve helped inspire you, please share with me your creations/adventures in the comments- or if you would prefer, you can Email Me

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One thought on “About the muse

  1. Beth Schultz says:

    you go girl. good idea and cant wait for imput, information, etc hugs

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