Clean your shower

The grout in my tiled shower has been black and dirty since I purchased my house, and it’s only gotten worse. Luckily, I’ve found a great home remedy and I want to share it with you!


Read on to find out how to clean your own grout (without scrubbing!)


Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy



I’m a little embarrassed to show you all these “before” photographs… They’re a bit disgusting.


I tried scrubbing the grout and using various tile cleaners (both eco-friendly varieties and the standard high-chemical stuff).  I’ve tried a few “spray-on” cleaners as well.  No matter the cleaning or scrubbing, I just couldn’t get the grout back to a white-clean.
After some research (thanks pinterest!), I decided to try a home remedy that worked wonders!


So, without further ado, here are the awful photos of my dirty grout (on two separate tubs/showers)


Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy

Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy

Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy- dirty shower



So what to do?


Once again, the answer is …::drumroll::…

Bleach + Baking Soda

(“once again” because this was the same answer for how the heck do I make my porcelain sink look clean again?  And this mixture made it look like new!  Click here to view that post.)

Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- bleach and baking soda

I experimented with both chlorine-free bleach and standard chlorine bleach.  

Unfortunately, the chlorine-free bleach did not work as well as the standard bleach, but it DID make an improvement.  

I have included a photograph further below for you to see the difference.



  1. Make a paste with the bleach and baking soda.  You want the paste to be pretty thick, so be careful in adding the bleach, a little goes a LONG way.
  2. If the bleach is not thick enough, it will not stay put on the grout where you place it and instead will drip down the tile.
  3. Paint your grout with the paste mixture.  Yes, this part is quite time consuming (but at least you’re not scrubbing!)
  4. Wait 2 hours.
  5. Rinse the paste mixture off (I still used a sponge, just to be sure I got in the cracks well)
  6. Voila!  Clean, white grout!



Remember you’re working with BLEACH!

  • Do NOT wear any clothes you like while doing this, you could easily get bleach stains on them.
  • Be sure to ventilate the area well while you’re working.




The photographs below illustrate the paste after application:

Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy

Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy baking soda bleach paste


And then after rinsing:

Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy

This (above) is from the attempt with chlorine-free bleach.  

It’s cleaner than it was, but no where near as clean as it got with the chlorine bleach.



Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy


Clean your shower using household ingredients- easy- DIY


Try it for yourself!


If you have some left-over paste, why not go ahead and clean your white porcelain sink too?


And while you’re cleaning your shower, you might as well get that grime off of your shower head.


Or if you just want something completely different, click here.



  • Have you tried the baking soda + bleach method to clean anything?  What did you think?  Have your own solution?  Share below!
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Clean your sink

Am I the only one who could scrub her dirty porcelain sink without any result?


Well, my friends, if you would like your “white” porcelain sink to become clean and white again, I HAVE THE ANSWER*!  Read on to find out more.


*oh… and you don’t have to scrub.

Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- before and after



This is what my sink looked like before:

Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- dirty

Double yuck ! !


I tried a whole array of detergents and cleaners to no avail.

I tried the white vinegar and baking soda method to no avail.

I tried oxyclean (sink full of water and a cap of oxyclean), and believe it might work if I were to leave it long enough.

I could scrub and clean to my heart’s content and I couldn’t get it much more clean than when I started.


I researched a few options, and found this one to work wonders!!


Bleach + Baking Soda!

Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- bleach and baking soda


I tried it with chlorine-free bleach, trying to be eco-friendly.  Sadly, this option did not work nearly as well (not well at all actually).



  1. Mix together baking soda and bleach: just enough bleach to create a paste of sorts with the mixture. You want to mixture to be firm enough to not just run down the drain, but be able to sit evenly on the sink bottom
  2. Cover the bottom of the sink with the bleach/baking soda paste.
  3. Let the paste sit for 2 (two) hours
  4. Rinse off


That’s it!! No scrubbing or anything!


Here is the sink with the paste sitting:

Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- clean- easy to do idea


Here is what my sink looked like after:


Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- easy


Clean your porcelain sink using household ingredients- clean



Try it for yourself!



If you want to try another idea for cleaning using household ingredients, click here to learn about cleaning your shower head!

Or if you want something completely different, click here.


*note- after publishing, I added a few more methods that I tried and forgot to mention.  My apologies.


  • Do you have any other solutions for cleaning a sink?  Share your stories in the comments below!


Also, I’m sorry I don’t have any fantastic ideas for other types of sinks (but I don’t have them in my home to practice on, and I don’t share things that I don’t try myself).  However, if you have something you’ve tried that works, please share with the class :)

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Love a Tree Day!

Were you aware that “Love a Tree Day” is a national holiday?


hug a tree you treehugger

Photograph taken in Portugal outside of Monserrate Palace



Well, it is!  It occurs every April 16th.


If you wanted to celebrate, you could look into making your backyard a certified wildlife habitat!


Or just see what the National Wildlife Federation has as suggestions for how to celebrate Love a Tree Day.


Or, check out my tree-inspired photo gallery below (I love me some trees)


tree path

Path of trees in Switzerland


 redwood tree

Redwood tree in California


tree copenhagen

Tree in a park in Copenhagen, Denmark


sun through the tree

 Sunlight through the tree branches in Big Sur, CA



Bonzai trees at EPCOT during Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival.

Click here for a link to the post.


cool tree

Red River Gorge, KY on a climbing adventure…. I just loved how this tree bended itself around the rock.


~cool tree

 Funky tree in Glendalough, Ireland.  

Click here for the first post on Glendalough… there are more to come!


UT tree

Cool dead tree in Zion National Park, UT


trees berlin wall

A forest painted on the Berlin wall


awesome tree house Florida Everglades

Cool climbing tree in a hostel in the Florida Everglades.


trees portugal

Sunlight through the trees outside of Castelo dos Mouros in Portugal


fall foliage

Autumn colors on the trees in Germany.

Click here for the post about Partnachklamm, the gorge where this photo was taken.




Or, visit my page on ways to celebrate Earth Day

(since trees and the earth go hand in hand)

earth day



All of the photos above were taken by me (well, except for the photos with me IN them, of course) on one of my random adventures.

If you would like to know more about any of these adventures and see more photographs, feel free to contact me or write in the comments and I will expedite a post on the topic you request!



  • Do you have any fantastic tree quotes or photos?  Please share them below!
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Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I present you with: 

earth day


You know today (April 22) is Earth Day, but you’re not sure what Earth Day is all about? Or what to do about it?  Read on for some ideas!



1. Plant something!

Plant a tree, or a shrub, or a garden! Or heck- just do some yard work and get your hands dirty!  Why is it so good to plant trees anyway?

Or support Earth Day and learn more about the Canopy Project (video below).



2. Purchase your groceries locally

Visit a farmers market near you or even a local farm if you can!  Or find out which of your local grocery stores carries produce and other items from local farmers.


Why is local food so much better anyway?


For those of my friends and readers in my local Orlando, here are a few links to help you out:

Five Best Farmers Markets in Orlando

Homegrown Food Co-op

Freshfields Farm



3. Visit a restaurant that sources local food

Find what restaurants in your area source food locally, or promote a better way of eating/living with raw, organic, vegan, and/or vegetarian choices.


Again, for my Orlando friends, here are a few suggestions:


The Rusty Spoon- Downtown

Dandelion CommuniTEA Cafe- Downtown

Cafe 118 Living Cuisine- Winter Park

Ethos Vegan Kitchen- Winter Park

The Crooked Spoon- Clermont



4. Enjoy Earth Day with your kids!

Raising awareness of the Earth’s importance is a great thing to begin at a young age.

Here are some Pinterest Earth Day ideas 



5. Upcycle something

Upcycling is like recycling, but better since you’re taking the thing that once was mostly useless and making it into something super-awesome!


Click here for upcycling ideas

Or click here for upcycling ideas on Pinterest



6.  Try an Eco-Friendly alternative in your home


There are a whole lot of ways to make your home more green, and it can start with your cleaning supplies!

Click here for cleaning ideas

Shower cleaning DIY eco friendly and green




7. Watch a green movie or read a green book

My favorite is The Lorax of course!

Or check out these other suggestions.

the lorax- ideas for earth day




8.  Get outside! Enjoy the Earth!

Go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride.  Go kayaking, or swimming, or snorkeling (depending on where you live).  Go soak up the sun, or dance in the rain, make snow-angels, or go puddle-jumping.



beautiful partnachtklam




And just remember:




  • What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?


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Showerhead cleaning- easy and green!

Do you have an ugly, icky showerhead?

Do you want it cleaned, but don’t really want to do the work to clean it?

Well, read on, fellow muse-friends!! I have the easy (AND ECO-FRIENDLY) solution below!

OH OH!!! Aaaaaand…… ::drumroll:: …. you can do it using items generally found in your kitchen!

Shower cleaning DIY eco friendly and green

It’s spring cleaning time, so I figured I would send you all some eco-friendly inspiration for cleaning your own homes, starting with how to easily clean your showerhead!


My showerhead looked like this:

shower head dirty


shower head icky


… and I don’t like spending a lot of time scrubbing.



What to do??


  • Get some white distilled vinegar.  

    You can buy large containers of it for under $2. Seriously, get the large one.  I will convince you that there are plenty of awesome uses for it!

  • Put some of it in a baggie.

    You’ll need just enough to cover your showerhead (and a baggie large enough to cover your showerhead).  I used maybe 2 cups?

  • Place the baggie over the showerhead.

    I used a rubber band to secure it.

  • Wait 1 hour

    I don’t recommend doing this in the morning when people are about to take showers

  • Remove the baggie.

  • Wipe the showerhead with a cloth or sponge.

  • Voilà!  It’s clean!



shower head baggie

shower head bag vinegar

Also, when I removed the baggie of vinegar, I then used the vinegar for other cleaning duties (e.g. cleaning dish scrubbing tools, A/C drain, and garbage disposal).  Also, vinegar is good for your drain, and just fine for the environment, so no worries about dumping it!



And afterwards

- my showerhead looked shiny and new!

shower head new

shower head shiny



  • Try it for yourself!  And share the outcome below!
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