Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I present you with: 

earth day


You know today (April 22) is Earth Day, but you’re not sure what Earth Day is all about? Or what to do about it?  Read on for some ideas!



1. Plant something!

Plant a tree, or a shrub, or a garden! Or heck- just do some yard work and get your hands dirty!  Why is it so good to plant trees anyway?

Or support Earth Day and learn more about the Canopy Project (video below).



2. Purchase your groceries locally

Visit a farmers market near you or even a local farm if you can!  Or find out which of your local grocery stores carries produce and other items from local farmers.


Why is local food so much better anyway?


For those of my friends and readers in my local Orlando, here are a few links to help you out:

Five Best Farmers Markets in Orlando

Homegrown Food Co-op

Freshfields Farm



3. Visit a restaurant that sources local food

Find what restaurants in your area source food locally, or promote a better way of eating/living with raw, organic, vegan, and/or vegetarian choices.


Again, for my Orlando friends, here are a few suggestions:


The Rusty Spoon- Downtown

Dandelion CommuniTEA Cafe- Downtown

Cafe 118 Living Cuisine- Winter Park

Ethos Vegan Kitchen- Winter Park

The Crooked Spoon- Clermont



4. Enjoy Earth Day with your kids!

Raising awareness of the Earth’s importance is a great thing to begin at a young age.

Here are some Pinterest Earth Day ideas 



5. Upcycle something

Upcycling is like recycling, but better since you’re taking the thing that once was mostly useless and making it into something super-awesome!


Click here for upcycling ideas

Or click here for upcycling ideas on Pinterest



6.  Try an Eco-Friendly alternative in your home


There are a whole lot of ways to make your home more green, and it can start with your cleaning supplies!

Click here for cleaning ideas

Shower cleaning DIY eco friendly and green




7. Watch a green movie or read a green book

My favorite is The Lorax of course!

Or check out these other suggestions.

the lorax- ideas for earth day




8.  Get outside! Enjoy the Earth!

Go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride.  Go kayaking, or swimming, or snorkeling (depending on where you live).  Go soak up the sun, or dance in the rain, make snow-angels, or go puddle-jumping.



beautiful partnachtklam




And just remember:




  • What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?


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