Halloween BINGO

Alright friends! I got excited this morning and decided to make you all a gift!


Halloween BINGO!


Halloween Bingo! Free download at museinitiative.com/blog


I’ll be throwing a last-minute mini party/game night at my place. I’ll be home for the first time in about 4 years, and will actually get to hand out goodies to trick or treaters! So, I decided to add a new game to the mix!


If it’s not obvious, I’ll give a quick rundown:


  • There are 8 different halloween cards. Everyone gets one (or two?)
  • When a trick or treater arrives at your door with the aforementioned costume, you get to mark that square.
  • Once you have marked squares in a row (up/down, across, or diagonally) you yell BINGO
  • yelling Bingo = winning
  • yelling Bingo when you don’t have Bingo = not winning, your friends picking on you, and you have to take a drink.


Feel free to change it up if you wish:

  • Bring your cards downtown and check off what costumes you see tramping around the pubs.
  • Having a large costume party? Just play using the people in attendance and what they’re wearing.



Them’s the rules kiddos! Easy-peasy!


What sorts of costumes will you be looking for?

  • Characters from Frozen (a given this year)
  • Superheros
  • A specific historical figure
  • Athlete
  • Minion
  • Group costume (3 or more people)
  • Pirate
  • Vampire or Werewolf
  • and many more!



I hope you all enjoy!




Click the link below to download:

(this is for all 8 cards. Print on regular size paper: 8.5×11. PDF file)

Halloween BINGO free download at museinitiative.com/blog


(the pdf will open in a new window. Choose save to save the pdf onto your computer.)


Want more Halloween fun?


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halloween cupcake decorating ideas! The mummy is my favorite!




  • Planning to play halloween bingo? Did you already play it? What did you think?
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