Rummy Bears!

need a new fun recipe for your next party?


Try making some rummy bears!

They’re better than jello shots!


or at least, it’s something different to serve at your party and make your friends wonder what other cool ideas you have!


rummy bears


I’ve made these for years at parties! When I don’t make them, I often get asked about why they didn’t make an appearance. People love them- partially just because they’re so ridiculous. Sometimes they’re so messy, you need to serve them with a spoon- or in jello shot cups. Either way, they’re lots of fun.


I can’t write this post without having this stuck in my head the entire time:

Side note: I wonder how the guy feels that recorded that song. Does he use it to pick up women at the bar?

“what do you do?”

“oh, I’m the voice of the gummy bears song”




rummy bears ingredients


It’s easy- it just takes a few hours of waiting and two ingredients!

  1. Gummy Bears
  2. Rum (white/clear rum works the best.  The flavors meld together well with the gummy bears)


A number of people prefer vodka…. but I still choose rum. Mainly because I still want to call them “rummy bears,” also because I’m a pirate at heart.


~rummy bears all ingred


  • Place the gummy bears in a container
  • Cover the gummy bears with rum
  • Wait a few hours.  My basic time is 4-6 hours. If you wait too long, it will become mush (but still tasty mush).  If you don’t wait long enough, the rum will be very strong as it will not have soaked through. Depending on the type of bears and rum, the times will change slightly.  I recommend testing it prior to your party.


rummy bears


That’s it!  I hope you try them and like them!



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  • Have you tried these at your party? Did you make any changes that you preferred? 
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