Showerhead cleaning- easy and green!

Do you have an ugly, icky showerhead?

Do you want it cleaned, but don’t really want to do the work to clean it?

Well, read on, fellow muse-friends!! I have the easy (AND ECO-FRIENDLY) solution below!

OH OH!!! Aaaaaand…… ::drumroll:: …. you can do it using items generally found in your kitchen!

Shower cleaning DIY eco friendly and green

It’s spring cleaning time, so I figured I would send you all some eco-friendly inspiration for cleaning your own homes, starting with how to easily clean your showerhead!


My showerhead looked like this:

shower head dirty


shower head icky


… and I don’t like spending a lot of time scrubbing.



What to do??


  • Get some white distilled vinegar.  

    You can buy large containers of it for under $2. Seriously, get the large one.  I will convince you that there are plenty of awesome uses for it!

  • Put some of it in a baggie.

    You’ll need just enough to cover your showerhead (and a baggie large enough to cover your showerhead).  I used maybe 2 cups?

  • Place the baggie over the showerhead.

    I used a rubber band to secure it.

  • Wait 1 hour

    I don’t recommend doing this in the morning when people are about to take showers

  • Remove the baggie.

  • Wipe the showerhead with a cloth or sponge.

  • Voilà!  It’s clean!



shower head baggie

shower head bag vinegar

Also, when I removed the baggie of vinegar, I then used the vinegar for other cleaning duties (e.g. cleaning dish scrubbing tools, A/C drain, and garbage disposal).  Also, vinegar is good for your drain, and just fine for the environment, so no worries about dumping it!



And afterwards

- my showerhead looked shiny and new!

shower head new

shower head shiny



  • Try it for yourself!  And share the outcome below!
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