The 4/1 one on April Fools’ Day

Where did April Fools’ (or Fool’s) Day come from?  Where will it go?  Does anyone know? Read below!


Back in medieval times, fools (like Tom and April below) would gather for a large competition of foolery.

duh nuhTom and April were two of the many fools who were competing to be the best in


The gathering always happened once the snow melted and it started to become a bit warmer- so right around the top of April.
Jesters are quite wussy and don’t like performing in the cold.

global warming

The fools would compete in front of the King, Queen, and the entire court!

The King and Queen would choose the winner, and that fool would becoming the “King’s official fool” for the entire year!


ta da


Clearly, everyone wanted to be the King’s fool.  So the fools began playing pranks on each other to help give themselves an advantage in the competition.


pie win




nom nom


After the competition:



Nowadays, the people who pull April Fools’ pranks are still the ones who are competing to be the biggest fool in all the land!  :)


  • Did you pull any great pranks today?  Or did you get pranked?  Share your story!
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