Make your own boutonniere

seriously… it’s not that difficult.  The hardest part is using living items and keeping them alive until the date of the event :)



ok… perhaps I lied.  The most difficult part for me was picking the super glue off my fingers…. but that’s because I made a stupid move…

DIY you can make your own boutonniere


Research through some boutonnieres on the interwebs to get ideas.  Do you want fresh flowers?  feathers? herbs or plants? something different altogether?


I saw a really nice feather one and thought- hey! I can make that!   I also liked its trim lines and masculine look (I’m not really a fan of the foofie-looking ones).


Choose your ingredients, and place them together to see if you like how they play together.


DIY you can make your own boutonniere


I chose a feather, a piece of fresh rosemary, and this little dual leaf metal thingy I happened to have.   Everything I already had in my random crafty piles somewhere.


A friend who was helping me suggested I add the white pin stripe to the feather.  It just so happened that I had *just* purchased this new set of paint pens for another project…. so I was all ready to make the suggestion happen.


DIY you can make your own boutonniere


Grab your creation at the base of the pretty part; you are now ready to bind it.


If you have floral tape- good for you!  you can securely wrap the base with it (or so I’m told)!

I did NOT have floral tape, so I improvised


WORD TO THE WISE: don’t try to use normal super glue… if you’re anything like me, you’ll get it all over your fingers and spend the rest of the evening trying to pick it off.   Once I was done with the super glue debacle, I used the GEL super glue that I had (I’m sure hot glue would work, but I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to get it everywhere).


DIY you can make your own boutonniere


Once you secure your base, wrap it with a pretty ribbon.  I super glued the last bit of my ribbon on to ensure it would stay.  I also folded the last edge of ribbon under, and ensured the ribbon ended in the back of the boutonniere so as not to have any exposed fraying ends.

DIY you can make your own boutonniere

For the record, my friend held it for this photo… that’s not my manly hand there.


I then held  the ribbon closed with a clothespin (ensuring not to accidentally super glue the clothespin to the newly made bit of awesomeness) and placed the boutonniere in the fridge.  I figured the fridge would help keep the rosemary fresher for longer.


DIY you can make your own boutonniere


I then boxed it in this nice little jewelry gift box for the gifting.


DIY you can make your own boutonniere


Voila!  It’s so much nicer when it’s home made and from the heart…. Remember, your fresh ingredients will not hold up for long, so I recommend making them day of.


Off to a party?  High-Five!



  • Have you ever made one? Post your ideas or creations below!
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Geeky Cupcakes!! Star Wars + Superheroes

Most of my friends know that I’m a bit of a geek - so I figured I should be sure you all knew this too!  :)

Geeky cupcakes star wars superheroes DC marvel

Once in a while I have an itch to make some geeky cupcakes!  (I will share more later, never you worry!)  I do not claim to be a professional decorator by any means, but it’s definitely a fun thing to do- and is a hit with the right people!

I apologize in advance for the poor photography.  In the future, I will take better/more photos of projects in order to properly share them with you!


star wars cupcakes R2-D2 Death Star Yoda Chewbacca Wookie

Star Wars Cupcakes!!!

I made these geeky star wars cupcakes for my friend’s birthday- they were a huge hit!  While DEFINITELY not a professional decorator by any means, I enjoy the art and silliness that goes into these.  I especially love the enjoyment my friends get from the geeky cupcakes- imperfections and all.  I know I could make much prettier designs using fondant, but I just don’t like the taste as much as real frosting.

There are 5 designs in the star wars cupcake series:

  • R2-D2- Light Blue background. White body with blue and black detail.
  • Death Star- White background with black sprinkles.  Black detail over top.
  • Yoda- Background of white it is.  Green, white and black detail you see, hmmm?
  • Chewbacca- no background, just brown “fur” using the standard round piping tip.  Black and White detail.
  • Letters- The base layer is a swirl using the star tip.  Lettering is done with the round tip.  Any contrasting colors will do.  I added green sprinkles to the word “force.”


Marvel DC Superhero spiderman batman green lantern superman captain america

 Superhero cupcakes!


There are 5 designs in the superhero cupcake series:

  • Batman- Orange background with black detail. Mini cupcakes.
  • Superman- Blue background. Red and yellow S via the star tip.
  • Green Lantern- White background with green detail.  Mini cupcakes.
  • Captain America- Blue background. Detail in white and red using the round tip.  Mini cupcakes.
  • Spiderman- Red background.  Black detail using the round tip and large white round sprinkle eyes.


image from wilton tips

This is the standard round piping tip I use for detail work and lettering when frosting.


A few notes and tips when trying these designs:

  • I personally use gel to color my icing.  It can be found in some grocery stores, but definitely easy to find in Michaels or other craft stores. Liquid food coloring will work as well, but it makes your frosting a bit more watery. If you need to use this option, you can always add a little powdered sugar to help stiffen it back up.
  • PURCHASE BLACK GEL! I’ve tried making black (or grey) by mixing various colors together.  It works, but it’s extremely annoying.  Just purchase black.  It’s worth it.
  • If you need to make brown icing and don’t have brown gel, you can use coca powder.  This will cause your frosting to have a chocolatey taste as well.  You may add some milk (of any type) to make it more runny if needed, as the cocoa powder will make it dry.
  • Once you fill your icing bag, stick it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.  Colder icing will create a stronger form (best used for writing letters, drawing Chewbacca’s fur, and doing detail work).
  • When drawing Yoda’s head or R2-D2’s body, I kept my icing warm (and slightly runny), so that I could mush it around in order to draw the figure more cleanly.



As a final homage to awesome geeky cake decorating, I present you with these two cakes, made by/for friends of mine:


tardis cake wedding

Yes, my friends- this is indeed a Tardis wedding cake topper! Thanks to Kayla and Chad for having an awesome wedding cake topper, and to Brian for the photo!  Extra thanks for allowing me to showcase it here!


minion cake despicable me

It’s a minion cake! Visit Custom Cakes by Dawn for more awesome cakes! (based in Ireland)


(for those who know that I have MORE geeky cupcakes out there to share…. don’t worry- I will be sharing those at some point too)


  • Which cupcake design is your favorite?  Do you have any geeky cake designs you would like to share?
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