Game of Thrones food puns

There are plenty of blogs and cookbooks full of recipes for your favourite foods that one may have actually found in the Seven Kingdoms.


Rather than copy the norm, I decided to give you another array of foods using my favorite recipe-maker:






Whether you want to make foods for your meat-eating dragons or your Vega-Tyrion friends, here is a list of plenty of food puns for your Game of Thrones premiere Tommenu. Bon Apetit!



Game of Thrones punny foods!



mountain dew



(made with Ice and/or Fire)


Valyrian root – beer

Edd(h)ard cider

The coffee is dark and full of flavor

Winter is coming slushie

(The god of tits and) Wine

The Mountain (Dew)

Daenerys-ling (-Reisling)

The Full Jorah Mormonty (a wine drink with liquor/poison added)


click here for a fun list of Game of Thrones cocktails and recipes (not puns, but still fantastic choices and ideas)



kale drogo and other food puns from Game of Thrones. Ideas for your GOT party!


Appetizers and Sides:


Brie (anne of Tarth)

Thai-rell spring rolls

Onion (Knight) rings (for the fingers he keeps around his neck)

Peas in a pod(rick payne)

Red (Wedding) potatoes

(Jon) Snow Peas

Wild(ling) rice pilaf


Shr-Imp cocktail

Ch-Eddar(d Stark)

Kale Drogo



shrIMP cocktail



Main Course:


Little (Chicken) Fingers

Doth-rack(i) of lamb

Sir Illian Payne (pan) pizza

Shae-ved pork

Dorne-ish game hen

Hound Dogs

Burger King-slayer


Take the Black Pudding

Grey Sausages (Theon’s Grey Joys)


burger kingslayer




Ho-Ho- dors

Red (woman) Velvet Cake

Bran Muffins

Yo-gritte (yogurt)

Grey Worm(s & dirt)

Lady Fingers

You know muffins jon snow

Oats-keeper (oath keeper)



ho ho dor





Thank you for humoring me and my punny craziness- and thank you for instigating it too! (silliness is vastly underrated).


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Cucumberbatch sandwiches- get it?

Cucumberbatch sandwiches- get it?



Or Thor’sgiving (like Thanksgiving- but more bad-ass)

hulk smash



  • What other punny Game of Thrones food ideas have you come up with? Please share below!
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Thor’s giving!

It’s that time of year!


Thor’s giving!


Wait, what? You mean THANKSGIVNG…. right?


No, no… I mean- Thorsgiving!  Thanksgiving is old hat. We need to spice things up- and geek things up!


thorsgiving instead of thanksgiving


Yeah, this idea started approximately ONE DAY prior to our “Friendsgiving” (where you get a bunch of friends together- most of whom don’t have families in town. Sometimes called “Orphan Thanksgiving”) festivities. So it was a lot of last-minute silly planning and fun.


Someone gave me the idea of hulk smash potatoes- and I took the idea and ran with it. Sadly, we had so much fun, I didn’t take many photos of our food :( But I’ll list a bunch of ideas here so you can use them at will!


hulk smash



Food ideas for Thor’s giving:

  • Hulk Smash potatoes
    • green food coloring + potatoes.
    • Or add wasabi paste for more spice and oddness!
  • Iron man’s suit salad
    • Using only red and yellow items! I made a salad with yellow bell peppers, yellow onions, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. I made a sun-dried tomato pesto dressing.
  • Hawk-eyed peas
    • Black eyed peas
  • As American as Captain America’s Apple Pie
  • Nick Fury Brownies (ours were made with Kraken rum too… for fun!)
  • Black Widow Cookies
    • ours were pumpkin sugar cookies that we decorated with a pomegranate seed for the red spot and black frosting to draw the spider
  • Tony Starch (Stark) bread
  • or Agent Phil Crumbson rolls
  •  –with Doctor Bruce Butter
  • Shawarma
  • Thoreos
  • Lokit-kats
  • Hulk poop casserole
    • Green bean casserole
  • Natasha Stroganoff
  • Erik Stuffing (Selvig)
  • Loki Turkey
    • (or Thor-key)
  • Black (widow) pudding
  • Maria Hill of yams
    • make sweet potato/yam dish- form into a hill.
  • Clint Bacon (Barton)
  • Stark-bucks coffee
    • for your after-dinner beverage



nick fury brownies and black widow cookies


Don’t forget to use the OVEN-gers to do all your baking. hahah. ha. ha…..

Your iron pan is likely to come in handy. hahaahaah. ha…..

Be sure to provide salt and Pepper Potts so your guests can adjust flavor. hahaa. ha.


I need a life.




It was a pretty low-key event (snicker). But we certainly had lots of fun! We ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity. Who doesn’t love that game? Seriously?


thorsgiving full of friends

note the hulk-smash potatoes front and center

Sadly, this year, I will be flying a red eye home from working in Brazil (through my least favorite airport in the world. GRU- Sao Paulo). So we won’t be hosing a Thor’s giving this year. No reason you can’t though!


Go forth and with the might of all Asgard, have a pun-tastic Thor’s giving (or normal thanksgiving, if you so desire)



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tolkien hobbit LOTR graduation hand made card


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Click here for food ideas for a Geeky British Party

British Geeky Party. Facebook Event Cover Photo


  • Have you any great Avengers food puns? Please share them below!
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Cheesey Pineapple

Sounds funny- looks awesome!


Make a Spiky Cheese Pineapple for your next tropical summer party!

Make a cheese pineapple for your party!

It quite resembles a pineapple once it’s all completed too!  It’s a relatively easy and beautiful centerpiece for your party in need of more hors d’oeuvres or appetizer platters.


What to do:


First, cut the pineapple like the photograph below.


Don’t get in your usual habit of cutting a pineapple and cut off the top first!  I almost did this a few times….


You’ll want to cut enough flesh so that you have pieces you can cut into chunks to use for the pineapple skewering (yeah, that’s a word, right?), but you want to leave enough of the bottom that it will stand mostly on its own.


Make a cheese pineapple for your party!


Cut the pineapple and the cheese into toothpickable cubes (yeah, that’s a word too!  I just made it up)


*I chose to use extra sharp cheddar cheese…. but that’s just because it’s objectively the best cheese ever (yes, I realize that was a subjective statement- I’m being silly…. but seriously- you can’t go wrong with sharp cheddar).


Make a cheese pineapple for your party!


Stick a toothpick through a cube of pineapple and attach it to the core. I make a decent base layer of pineapple (it’s a bit tougher/stronger than the cheese).  This way, the next layer has a bit more to grab on to.



Make a cheese pineapple for your party!


Begin adding cheese cubes in the second layer (so, stick the cheese cubes to the first round of pineapple cubes)- I like to intersperse them.  Continue the layers until you run out of cubes and it looks a bit like the photograph below!


– for those who are wondering, I am not making this for sunday’s party… I like to change it up.  also, this guy takes up a lot of space in the fridge if I try to make him early.


Make a cheese pineapple for your party!


For those who are big fans of meat as well- add the little sausages or chunks of kielbasa on the outermost layer.


Or for those who are vegan, choose other fruits to add to the pineapple, like grapes or strawberries.





Need other party food ideas? Try one of these: 

Pizza crescent rolls- make these for your party


Bacon wrapped potatoes

  • Did you try making the pineapple? Looked pretty cool, eh?  :)
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Triscuit Noms!

Silly name, awesome taste.


I’m surprised at the number of compliments I received on this simple hors d’oeuvre – and all from meat eaters!



avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty and easy snack for a party hors d'oeuvre



If you haven’t already gathered this, I love entertaining and making food for people. This is one of my favourite snack items that I’ve made twice now, and it always gets great feedback (even so much that two of the guys kept trying to tell everyone else they were horrible so that they could eat them all themselves… silly guys).



avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty and easy snack for a party- ingredients




  • Triscuits- cracked pepper and olive oil (seriously, these things are awesome.  just try them)
  • Cream cheese (substitute with hummus/bean spread, olive tapenade, or some other fun mix for a vegan alternative!)
  • Herbs, spices, and the like (salt… always salt)
  • Avocado- sliced
  • Cucumber- sliced


um… yeah- that’s it guys… easy-peasy!


avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty and easy snack for a party- hors douevre




  1. Let the cream cheese sit out long enough for it to be easily mixed.
  2. Place the room-temperature cream cheese in a bowl and mix with herbs + spices.  I generally use garlic + onion powder, parsley, seasoned salt, and pepper.  However, feel free to spice it up and throw in your own twist!
  3. Place the Triscuits onto a nice plate or platter
  4. Cover with the herbed cream cheese (or hummus/etc)
  5. Lay a slice of cucumber on the cream cheese
  6. Add a slice of avocado on top
  7. Sprinkle with a titch of salt + herbs (I find that avocado always needs a bit of salt)
  8. Serve and enjoy!



avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty, quick, and easy snack for a party-



That’s it!  Have fun cool cats!



Throwing a party and need more food ideas?


How about these super-easy and tasty pizza crescent rolls?


Or try making some bacon-wrapped roasted herbed potatoes!



  • Please let me know if you tried these and how they were received at your shindig!
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Bacon-wrapped Potatoes

wait a minute…. did I say “bacon”??


Why, yes, yes I did.  Just read on to learn how to make one of my newest party creations:


Bacon-wrapped Roasted Herbed Potatoes!


bacon wrapped potatoes


I simply LOVE entertaining house guests.  There’s some part of me that’s a little bit 50’s housewife – or perhaps Jewish or Italian mother… Even though I’m a vegetarian, I will still make a few meat-related dishes for my omnivore/carnivore friends.  And honestly, who doesn’t love bacon?



 Here’s what you need to do:



1. Assemble ingredients

– Fingerling potatoes- or other small ish potatoes.  You could use standard-sized potatoes and cut them down, but it’s just not as pretty nor tasty…. and they’re more likely to fall apart if you cook the potatoes well.

– sea salt and chosen herbs (more on this later)

– sour cream (could also use plain yogurt)



I’ve made this dish twice three times.  Each time, I used an interesting bacon- generally an applewood smoked bacon or something else awesome.  Good ingredients definitely make a difference in your end product.


Also, enough ingredients make a difference.  2 of the small bags of fingerling potatoes and 1 package of bacon make about 1  full baking sheet- and they disappear very quickly.


2. Boil potatoes

I grew up near Syracuse, NY.  Those of you who have been to the NY state fair, you know how simply awesome salt potatoes are.  You never realize until you move away that the rest of the world doesn’t know about these delicious morsels…. This is my inspiration for the potatoes.


Boil your potatoes in a large pot filled with water and salt.  For my one small bag of potatoes (pictured above), I used perhaps a 1/4-1/2 cup of salt.  So- not as salty as real salt potatoes (remember, the bacon will add a lot of salt too), but much more flavorful than potatoes boiled in plain water.  Boil them so that they are still a little hard when you poke them with a fork: you want them to be able to hold up on their own, remembering they will still cook a bit more in the oven.


~potatoes herb close


 3. Rinse the potatoes and herb them up!

One might say that this is an unnecessary step.  I disagree! (but I love herbs and spices).  After rinsing and draining the potatoes, I put them back into the pot I used to boiled them and toss them with a titch of oil and herbs/spices such as garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, and black pepper.


~potatoes herb


4. Roll the potatoes in strips of bacon

I cut the bacon strips into thirds half, using one piece per potato and securing it with a toothpick.


~potatoes bacon wrap



~potato bacon


5. Place on a cookie sheet and bake

I baked them at 375, turning the potatoes over once in the middle.  I believe I roasted them for approximately 20 30 minutes each side.  I roast them until the bacon gets a little brown.


~potato ready


6. Serve with a side of sour cream (not necessary)

I actually made two different herbed sour creams for this:  one cumin and cayenne peper, the other garlic and dill…. They were both tasty, but not necessary.


Seriously, I should have purchased 2 (or more) bags of potatoes for this (I purchased 3 for this last party, but only made 2 1/2 bags. I couldn’t fit any more in the pot).  They were gone before I even realized I didn’t get to snap a completed photo of them!  Take my word and try serving these at your party.  You’re welcome.


~potato roll all



Would you like to see more recipes?

Click here for a post on avocado black bean lettuce wraps (this is the healthy one)

OR click here for a post on pizza crescent rolls (not healthy, but super easy!)


Update (May 11, 2014): A few details were updated after I made these once more for a Dive-in (swim-in) movie party at my house last night.  Also, these things practically jumped off the serving platter… guess I once again need to double the batch :)


  • Let me know if you get a chance to try these and tell me what you thought!
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Crescent Pizza Rolls

Looking for a quick and easy, yet AWESOME party food?  Look no further:


Pizza crescent rolls. Quick and easy to make for a party, appetizer, or snack. Better than totino's pizza rolls for sure!


Try these pizza crescent rolls!


I was having a last-minute game night/gathering of sorts (as I love to do), and I was trying to think of what food items I could provide that would be new, fun, and easy.  (I still did a few old favorites though, which I’ll likely share sometime).  I tried these pizza crescent rolls and BOY were they a hit.  I even tried them (I’d say I’m only 95% vegetarian, as I’ll take a tiny bite of meat every once in a while), and loved them!


So, here’s what to do….


pizza crescent rolls easy awesome party snack


Yes, it is REALLY as simple as it looks:


1. Pop open a package of crescents (I should have purchased 2…. or 4… seriously- these things went like hot cakes…. not that I’ve ever made hot cakes, nor seen them go anywhere).


crescent pizza rolls


2. Unroll and separate the crescents onto a cookie sheet


3. Place some pepperoni (I used 2 pieces of turkey pepperoni) and string cheese (I used 2 pieces of string cheese for the entire package) on the widest part of the crescent.


- feel free to forgo the pepperoni or add something different (jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and black olives, etc) to make a vegetarian version.



crescent pizza rolls



4. Roll the crescents starting at the widest edge and ending at the tip.


crescent pizza rolls- rolling the dough


crescent pizza rolls


5. Bake according to instructions on the pack. Or until they’re golden brown.


crescent pizza rolls


6. Remove from baking sheet


7. Serve with a side of marinara sauce and watch them disappear!


crescent pizza rolls- cheesy goodness



Need some drinks to go with your pizza rolls?  Try any of these drink options (things that you should drink instead of green beer).



  • Let me know if you made them or came up with your own spin!
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