Geeky British Party!

By now, you’re all likely well aware of my geeky tendencies. You’re also likely aware of my love for hosting events. Here is an example of how those items came together in:


A Geeky British Party!!


Another awesome geeky friend of mine had a birthday about a week prior to mine, so we decided to throw a joint birthday party of geekery. Not wanting to leave people out by choosing just one geekdom, we decided to give it the theme of “Birthday Invasion of the British Geekdom”

brit party


Just in case you have any sort of inkling for doing this sort of thing, here’s a list of the fandoms we pulled from for inspiration:

Harry Potter
Doctor Who
Monty Python
It Crowd
Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
JRR Tolkien
Mary Poppins
Winnie the Pooh
King Arthur
Downton Abbey
James Bond
Beatles / British invasion
Eddie Izzard
Stephen Fry / Hugh Laurie
Peter Pan
Peter Rabbit
Guy Fawkes
Vicar of Dibley
Black Adder
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Robin Hood
Father Ted
Mrs Brown’s Boys
Austin Powers
Red Dwarf
… (etc) …


Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff. But oh boy was it fun to come up with ideas. We planned games (and wrote a few ourselves), asked people to dress up, made themed food and drinks, and added plenty of fun decor to the house.


I certainly cannot fit all of this into one post, so I will begin with our food planning. Some items were simply British but most had some geeky theme:


FOOD (with geeky British twists)



The restaurant at the end of the universe

The restaurant at the end of the universe (just one of our tables full of food)

Including plenty of Brit foods such as marmite, HP sauce, Nando’s sauce, Malt vinegar, Hobnobs, and more.

Though this is the only photo of the Edamame, which we named “Silurian Pods.”


Cucumberbatch sandwiches- get it?

Cucumberbatch sandwiches- get it?

Bread (with the crust cut off, of course), cream cheese, and cucumbers.

Because I like flavor, I added some extra herbs and seasonings to my cream cheese. I did it the same way as when I made avocado cucumber triscuit snacks (click here for the recipe).


Mrs. Loveitt's meat pies from Sweeny Todd (sans human)

Mrs. Loveitt’s meat pies from Sweeny Todd (sans human)

I wanted to make something like a pastie, which are quite popular in the UK. I knew it would be easier to handle at a party than making a pot pie. These came out great! Writing out the recipe takes a bit too much for this post, perhaps I’ll do another post on it later.


I am the eggman

I am the eggman deviled eggs.”goo goo goo joob”

To make the “pretty” egg swirl, use a pastry or frosting bag with a star tip.


Dowager Countess Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

Dowager Countess Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches


"Always bring a banana to a party!" - 10th Doctor

“Always bring a banana to a party!” – 10th Doctor

I also somehow missed getting a photo of my bowtie pasta salad (because bowties are cool). Too bad.


Because Gingers have no souls.

Because Gingers have no souls.


A Bit of Fry and Laurie

A Bit of Fry and Laurie

If you haven’t seen the show- go do it. It’s sketch comedy with two fantastic british actors: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.


Marshmellow adipose

Marshmellow adipose

the fat walks right into your tummy

…the fat walks right into your tummy

These little guys were easily made using large and mini marshmallows. Glue the arms and legs on using frosting (or cream cheese) and draw faces on them using frosting. Even one of those little frosting gel pens would work.


Cassandra Pizza

Cassandra Pizza


Here’s a photo of Cassandra (the last human) with Rose Tyler   (from

One of our friends brought us this awesome homemade Cassandra pizza! If you don’t know Cassandra, check the photo above. She’s the last human, a character we all love to despise from Doctor Who.


Neverland (with hook's ship), so long and thanks for all the fish. Merging geekdoms is fun!

Neverland (with hook’s ship), so long and thanks for all the fish. Merging geekdoms is fun!


second star to the right and straight on 'till morning!

second star to the right and straight on ’till morning!


Fish n Chips. Get it? HA!

Fish n Chips. Get it? HA!

Neither of us like fish, so we didn’t want to cook any. This was a great alternative- and punny :)



Tots + curry dip. The potato reference is from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Tots + curry dip.
The potato reference is from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.



Smarties Cereal

Smarties Cereal


Sir Issac Fig Netwtons, Jammy Dodgers, Shortbread. Elsewhere, we have "Cake or death" ala Eddie Izzard.

Sir Issac Fig Netwtons, Jammy Dodgers, Shortbread.
Elsewhere, we have “Cake or death” ala Eddie Izzard.


Rummy Pooh Bears

Rummy Pooh Bears

I actually have a post on this one! If you’d like to know how to make Rummy bears (they’re very easy), click here. I serve them in shot glasses to make it easier to have a single serving, but while they’re “marinating,” I leave them all together.

rummy bears


Sir Francis BACON!!!  tee hee!

Sir Francis BACON!!!
tee hee!


Ollivander's wands (pretzel sticks with dip)

Ollivander’s wands
(pretzel sticks with dip)

Nearby we also had “strawberry fields forever” and “apple records” for dipping. Sadly, I forgot to set out the Brie for “let it Brie.”


Bring us a SHRUBBERY!

Bring us a SHRUBBERY!


"I'm in an Ethical Pickle" Gotta love the IT crowd

“I’m in an Ethical Pickle”
Gotta love the IT crowd


Dalek Cupcakes, brought in by another friend of ours!

Dalek Cupcakes, brought in by another friend of ours (who came dressed as Ferb to the party)

As for the cupcakes, we were able to “exterminate” them.


Just a spoonful of sugar from Mary Poppins (in reality, they're pumpkin cake pops)

Just a spoonful of sugar from Mary Poppins
(in reality, they’re pumpkin cake pops)


Note that we did not serve SPAM. Because “I don’t like SPAM!”



Drinks! (with geeky British twists)

I wasn’t cool enough to get photos of the drinks we came up with. Sorry guys, guess I was too busy having fun by then.  But here’s a quick list of some of our drink options:


– Butterbeer! (alcoholic)

– Your father’s Pimm’s cup (it’s like a normal pimm’s cup, but with added elderflower liquor. “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!“)

– Pumpkin juice (ala Harry Potter)

– Mad Hatter’s Tea

– Champagne Supernova (a twist on a mimosa)

– Assorted fitting malt beverages including Monty Python’s Holy (gr)Ale, Hobgoblin (we called it gringott’s ale), Samuel Smith’s hard cider (from Apple records).

– Sonic Screwdriver (Vodka and OJ with a twist)

– Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (mountain dew)



If you’d like more ideas, visit our pinterest folder that was used for a lot of our inspiration:



Thanks to all of our friends who showed up and humoured us with their dressing up (I wish I got more photos!!) and playing our games. We had a great time!

geeky british party friends

geeky british party friends



Thank you all for reading! Stay tuned for more posts about this party including our made-up games, costumes, and fun decoration ideas!



Interested in seeing other British things?

click here to learn about my visit to Brew Dog pub in London

things you drink brew dog




OR click here to learn about my walk over the O2 in London- you can do it too!

top of the o2



  • Have you had any similar geeky / awesome parties? Share your stories and links below!
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Glendalough- Monastery


means “the valley of two glens” in Irish (Gaelic).  From Gleann Dá Loch and pronounced as such (Glen da loch).


I’ve since added two other posts about this area:

Click here to read more about the Irish Round Tower.

Click here to see more of the natural beauty of the surrounding area and the lakes. 40 Shades of Green indeed!


glendaloch pretty cross


This post is dedicated to the monastery, ruins, and graveyard. Eventually, I’ll also get around to writing a post about the gothic tower inside the monastery as well.

glendaloch graveyard. County Wicklow, Ireland. National Park


I visited this lovely place on a half day trip from Dublin.  It is located in County Wicklow, Ireland (slightly southwest of Dublin). To get here, one would need a vehicle –or a guided tour– as public transportation does not come out this way.


I really enjoyed being able to take some time and get out of the city to see a bit of Ireland’s natural beauty. The entire trip did not take too long (I didn’t want to sit in a vehicle for hours that day…. I didn’t have the patience for it), and we traveled through a few different parts of one of Ireland’s National Parks. It’s something I recommend doing if you have the time!



glendaloch graveyard Ireland celtic cross


On this same trip, I was able to do a little walking around Glendalough, so there will be a post about the natural beauty and lakes of the valley (this area was used in filming various movies, including P.S. I Love You and Braveheart)… someday.


We were also able to visit the Guinness family estate (including a lake that looks like a proper Guinness pint and the bridge from the movie P.S. I Love You)


glendaloch entrance Ireland

Walking through the entrance to the monastery is like walking through a portal to another world.



glendaloch cross

Note the cross on the bottom right of this photo, etched on the large rock slab.  It is easily missed on many tours to this location and this cross shape has been traced back to here and is known as the Glendalough Cross.



Glendalough Glendaloch ruins. Wicklow National Park. Ireland.

Ruins within the monastic walls are still quite beautiful today.  This area would have been the pulpit.



glendaloch graveyard Ireland celtic


…. to be continued…. eventually :)



Though if you would like to see some other cool celtic places, why not check out The Isle of Skye if you haven’t already?



  • Am I the only one who loves all celtic things?
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Top of the O2- London

Did you know that you can climb over the o2 in London?  The experience is called

Up at the O2


It’s about a 90 minute walk (on very strange “ground” with varying levels of steepness).  You’re harnessed in and wearing a SUPER-COOL onesie for the journey.


For those who are not aware: the o2 is the large arena in London, and where a number of my shows have played.



top of the o2 view

To learn more about the experience, visit the website by clicking here.


And because you love ridiculous videos of me spinning the camera around, here’s my tour of the top:



It’s nothing like rock-climbing, though would be strenuous if you have difficulty with hills.  You are tethered in, so it’s completely safe.  They also require you to remove all large objects, so do not expect to carry your HDyadayada camera up to the top with you (they do allow a small camera or phone, if it fits in the pocket of the onesie).



Speaking of which… you know that super-awesome onesie I mentioned?  Here’s a photo of me rockin’ it!

top of the o2



  •  Would you have done the climb?
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Isle of Skye 2- faeries

There was so much beauty and awesomeness on the Isle of Skye that I needed to break it up into multiple posts!

If you missed the first post, click here for Isle of Skye Part 1- pipe band


Faerie Glen


Faerie glen

Faerie Glen on Isle of Skye.  Click here for more info from trip advisor


We had ample time to discover the natural beauty of Skye with a bit of hiking, overlook stops for photography, and since the weather was so nice we even had a picnic lunch at faerie glen.


black cuillin craft beer isle of skye

I have a love for craft beer, especially when it’s local.  Black Cuillin was quite tasty, and from Skye!  

Click here for more info about Isle of Skye Brewing


faerie glen circle

This is where the wishes were made.  See the video below for more information.


However, faeries aren’t just nice happy creatures that grant wishes and are beautiful and magical.  They can be quite conniving, cunning, tricksy beings.  There will be more Scotland-based posts in the future and I’m certain there will be at least one faerie story in there.


See my video tour of faerie glen! (click here if you’d prefer a new window)!


Faerie Pools


There was also visit to (and swim in- if we dared) the faerie pools.  To get there by car, take the road towards Glen Brittle.  Park in the Glen Brittle parking lot.  Across the road, there is a clear path that leads to the pools. Stay to the right.

                     faerie pools isle of skye scotland


faerie pools isle of skye scotland 

Natural spring water straight from the mountains, fancy a swim?
–what, we can swim?  cool!
…..wait, but I have no suit!

So go in your underwear!
–ummm… ok- sure, why not?
–OH! OH! OH! It’s cold!- it’s cold! -it’s coooold!

Well, duh- it’s natural spring water straight from the mountains, like I said.


faerie pools isle of skye scotland

 Huzzah! I was even able take a faerie shower in the waterfall (barely visible in the back left of this photo)


faerie pools isle of skye scotland

The water was so crystal clear, it was almost magical


The story* of The Old Man of Storr

(In scottish gaelic: ‘Bodach an Stòrr’)

Old man of storr Isle of Skye

 The Old Man of Storr.  The rock formation can be seen just to the right of the tall cliffs.  

A man and his wife would walk to the top of a hill on Skye every evening.  One day, he realized that they had both been growing old- and her most of all.  She was becoming unable to join him in the climb up the hill.  The fairy folk who had watched them go up every evening had offered the old man the chance to always have his wife with him wherever he went.  The old man accepted the offer but the fairy folk tricked them and turned them both into pillars of rock, ensuring that they would indeed always be together.


NOTE TO SELF: when making a deal with the faeries, always  be EXTREMELY clear in your side of the “bargain.”

* note that is is only ONE of the many stories of the Old Man of Storr, but it is the one we were told on our journey.


To visit my next post, click here- Isle of Skye Part 3- Whisky!

  • Do you believe in faeries? Have you any stories of the fae, pixies, sprites, or the Good Folk?  Share in the comments!
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Isle of Skye 1- pipe band

The Isle of Skye is an amazing place!  Located off the north west coast of Scotland, Skye is a magical island filled with natural beauty and lots of culture!

Isle of Skye- a lovely island to visit in Scotland.  Full of Faeries and Whisky and bagpipes and awesomeness.

Granted, I visited there in the summer (of 2013) and was lucky enough to have lovely weather.  The folks living there were even impressed with the weather they had whilst I was there.

Scottish Gaelic name: An t-Eilean Sgitheanach or Eilean a’ Cheò

The trip to Skye was on a 3-day highlands and skye small group tour departing from Edinburgh.  The tour was through Rabbie’s, and I would highly recommend them!  Our tour guide and driver, Audrey, was likely my scottish doppleganger (in quirky style- not in looks), and she was greeeat! (said with a scottish accent, of course).

Isle of Skye- a lovely island to visit in Scotland.  Full of Faeries and Whisky and bagpipes and awesomeness.

If you were curious about the name of the tour company, this is from Rabbie’s website: “Rabbie was the favoured first name of Scotland’s best loved poet Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns, and like him we aim to introduce you to the wonders of Scotland as well as the best of the rest of the British Isles and South West Ireland. Want to know more?

Isle of Skye- a lovely island to visit in Scotland.  Full of Faeries and Whisky and bagpipes and awesomeness.

Audrey thanked us on behalf of every Scottish person for not driving ourselves and instead hiring a proper driver to take us around the highlands.  She even played us this awesome song from the Coreys about Sunday drivers (can also be true of certain tourist drivers).

The group stayed in various Bed & Breakfasts around Portree.  We had free time in the evening for dinner on our own.  I was advised to go to this fantastic italian place and get pizza.  I know, I know- getting pizza on skye sounds ridiculous, but it was some absolutely fantastic pizza.  The place was called l’incontro and I definitely recommend it.

Isle of Skye- a lovely island to visit in Scotland.  Full of Faeries and Whisky and bagpipes and awesomeness.

 We had some time in the evening to listen to the pipe band play in the square, which was an audible treat!


And since I was subconsciously thinking ahead to this blog, I took a video to be able to share with all of you.  If you’d like to see it in a new window, click here.

The group had ample time to discover the natural beauty of Skye with a bit of hiking and overlook stops for photography.  It was faaantastic!

Isle of Skye- a lovely island to visit in Scotland.  Full of Faeries and Whisky and bagpipes and awesomeness.

We had a moment to walk down to this waterfall.  Getting back up was interesting when myself and another adventurous lady decided to take the “mountain goat” way back.  Needless to say, we made it.

And now I shall leave you in the hands of the one Robert “Rabbie” Burns with an except from his legendary poem Address to a Haggis

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
The trembling earth resounds his tread,
Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
He’ll make it whissle;
An legs an arms, an heads will sned,
Like taps o thrissle.

Ye Pow’rs, wha mak mankind your care,
And dish them out their bill o fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
That jaups in luggies:
But, if ye wish her gratefu prayer,
Gie her a Haggis

Stay tuned for more posts about the Isle of Skye.  Part 2 is dedicated to the faeries!

  • Have you ever visited Skye? Planning a trip there (or just eventually…. someday)? Feel free to share in the comments!
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