Friends, Romans, Countrymen- lend me your… uh… eyes…. and feast them upon this here BLOG for it shall be full of:

Tidbits from my travels,

portugal allison castle

photographs and stories of magical places  


-and of me doing silly things in magical places, 

music and fun instruments,

hammered dulcimer player allison


tasty things that I’ve discovered,

pass me a pint!

geeky inspirations,

star wars superhero cupcakes


recipes and DIY info,

whiskey whisky soup



tree-hugger and eco-friendly ideas

hug a tree you treehugger


- I might even talk about work!

camera concert allisonstadium outdoor 

And anything else you all inspire me to share! (feel free to comment or write me with suggestions!).  Honestly, a lot of my post choices will come from requests and comments.  I already have a list from friends asking me for travel advice!


When you come across things that look like links, but don’t lead you anywhere when you click on them, hover your mouse over them.  It’s just alternate text for a little bit of fun.  This is likely the only time I will mention it, so from now on, it’s just like fun easter eggs to find and enjoy.


All photography will be mine unless otherwise noted. For anything that requires research, a link to the page I gathered the information from will be available on the page somewhere.  Seriously, if I say something is a fact, or make a list of any sort, I promise to you I will do my research from the source and not just re-write a list that someone else wrote.  If you noticed I have erred in any way, please let me know!  

Thanks for joining!  Feel free to subscribe or send me post suggestions if you’d like! And until next time- stay inspired!

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