Triscuit Noms!

Silly name, awesome taste.


I’m surprised at the number of compliments I received on this simple hors d’oeuvre – and all from meat eaters!



avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty and easy snack for a party hors d'oeuvre



If you haven’t already gathered this, I love entertaining and making food for people. This is one of my favourite snack items that I’ve made twice now, and it always gets great feedback (even so much that two of the guys kept trying to tell everyone else they were horrible so that they could eat them all themselves… silly guys).



avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty and easy snack for a party- ingredients




  • Triscuits- cracked pepper and olive oil (seriously, these things are awesome.  just try them)
  • Cream cheese (substitute with hummus/bean spread, olive tapenade, or some other fun mix for a vegan alternative!)
  • Herbs, spices, and the like (salt… always salt)
  • Avocado- sliced
  • Cucumber- sliced


um… yeah- that’s it guys… easy-peasy!


avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty and easy snack for a party- hors douevre




  1. Let the cream cheese sit out long enough for it to be easily mixed.
  2. Place the room-temperature cream cheese in a bowl and mix with herbs + spices.  I generally use garlic + onion powder, parsley, seasoned salt, and pepper.  However, feel free to spice it up and throw in your own twist!
  3. Place the Triscuits onto a nice plate or platter
  4. Cover with the herbed cream cheese (or hummus/etc)
  5. Lay a slice of cucumber on the cream cheese
  6. Add a slice of avocado on top
  7. Sprinkle with a titch of salt + herbs (I find that avocado always needs a bit of salt)
  8. Serve and enjoy!



avocado cucumber triscuit- a tasty, quick, and easy snack for a party-



That’s it!  Have fun cool cats!



Throwing a party and need more food ideas?


How about these super-easy and tasty pizza crescent rolls?


Or try making some bacon-wrapped roasted herbed potatoes!



  • Please let me know if you tried these and how they were received at your shindig!
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