Top of the O2- London

Did you know that you can climb over the o2 in London?  The experience is called

Up at the O2


It’s about a 90 minute walk (on very strange “ground” with varying levels of steepness).  You’re harnessed in and wearing a SUPER-COOL onesie for the journey.


For those who are not aware: the o2 is the large arena in London, and where a number of my shows have played.



top of the o2 view

To learn more about the experience, visit the website by clicking here.


And because you love ridiculous videos of me spinning the camera around, here’s my tour of the top:



It’s nothing like rock-climbing, though would be strenuous if you have difficulty with hills.  You are tethered in, so it’s completely safe.  They also require you to remove all large objects, so do not expect to carry your HDyadayada camera up to the top with you (they do allow a small camera or phone, if it fits in the pocket of the onesie).



Speaking of which… you know that super-awesome onesie I mentioned?  Here’s a photo of me rockin’ it!

top of the o2



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