Love a Tree Day!

Were you aware that “Love a Tree Day” is a national holiday?


hug a tree you treehugger

Photograph taken in Portugal outside of Monserrate Palace



Well, it is!  It occurs every April 16th.


If you wanted to celebrate, you could look into making your backyard a certified wildlife habitat!


Or just see what the National Wildlife Federation has as suggestions for how to celebrate Love a Tree Day.


Or, check out my tree-inspired photo gallery below (I love me some trees)


tree path

Path of trees in Switzerland


 redwood tree

Redwood tree in California


tree copenhagen

Tree in a park in Copenhagen, Denmark


sun through the tree

 Sunlight through the tree branches in Big Sur, CA



Bonzai trees at EPCOT during Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival.

Click here for a link to the post.


cool tree

Red River Gorge, KY on a climbing adventure…. I just loved how this tree bended itself around the rock.


~cool tree

 Funky tree in Glendalough, Ireland.  

Click here for the first post on Glendalough… there are more to come!


UT tree

Cool dead tree in Zion National Park, UT


trees berlin wall

A forest painted on the Berlin wall


awesome tree house Florida Everglades

Cool climbing tree in a hostel in the Florida Everglades.


trees portugal

Sunlight through the trees outside of Castelo dos Mouros in Portugal


fall foliage

Autumn colors on the trees in Germany.

Click here for the post about Partnachklamm, the gorge where this photo was taken.




Or, visit my page on ways to celebrate Earth Day

(since trees and the earth go hand in hand)

earth day



All of the photos above were taken by me (well, except for the photos with me IN them, of course) on one of my random adventures.

If you would like to know more about any of these adventures and see more photographs, feel free to contact me or write in the comments and I will expedite a post on the topic you request!



  • Do you have any fantastic tree quotes or photos?  Please share them below!
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