Witches, wizards, and muggles alike- Join me on a photographical journey through

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem graveyard


I had the joy of visiting this quaint and lovely town in the off-season of early January. Even though the snow had not yet built up, the air was full of the sharp coldness of a port-town in the bleak mid-winter.

… Though perhaps that “sharp coldness” was just the feeling an upstate-NY-turned-Florida girl has when taken out of the semi-tropical warmth of the land of palm trees and Mickey Mouse.




By the way guys, I DO actually listen to your suggestions. This post came about after being told “Allison- you need to get out with your camera more! I miss seeing your photos!” So- there you have it friends, some photos- just for you. Thank Tom for this one. Also, if you have any suggestions for posts, or things you’d like to see more of, please comment below and let me know!


Salem graveyard



All of the graveyard photos were taken of the Old Burying Point Cemetery, located just behind the Salem Witch Trial monument.  If you want to read a bit of the history of the Witch trials, click here or here if you want the timeline of events



The Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trial Memorial


There is a nice blog on the memorial here if you’d like to read more. I had to go for the artsy shot that focused on the word “Wickedness” just because it looked so awesome. However, the space has this introspective and silent air. It is quite a beautiful memorial.





The grave of Thomas Smith. Salem, MA


Salem tombstone


The grave above is that of young Thomas Smith. This gravestone is sitting kind of all by its lonesome, yet very close to the house behind it. I was told the melancholy story by Michael Shaw Fisher, and I pass it along to you now:



The tale of poor unfortunate Thomas goes like this: Right around the time when people were dying of smallpox, people thought that Thomas had died and so they buried him in this graveyard in Salem. His mother who lived in that house right next to the graveyard claimed to have heard cries from Thomas. Needless to say, everybody thought the mother was crazy. After a while, she could no longer handle her thoughts, so she went out to the graveyard and with her hands she dug up her son’s small coffin – the boy would have been about six years old. When they opened up the coffin they found scratches on the inside of the lid, verifying that he had in fact been buried alive! The mother’s intuition was right all along! Ever since then the toys in the house (seen in the background) always find their way to that corner window where Thomas’s grave is below.


Creepy, eh?




an angel in Salem

Just to give you all something happier- Look! An angel showed herself to us in a patch of ice on the sidewalk!



Salem, MA

Cool old fire and police call box on the side of the road. Too bad it’s not actually a TARDIS…




The Friendship

There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be.


– As far as I know, this quote has nothing to do with the ship itself…. it’s a common toast, and it seemed fitting here


Friendship in Salem


Friendship in Salem



Going to Salem in the off-season has it’s perks (less people!) but also plenty of disadvantages. For one, the Friendship was not open for visiting when I went, nor was the House of the Seven Gables. Luckily, I was still able to walk around the harbour and snap some photographs of the Friendship sitting in a bath of chilly water that was trying to freeze around the large ship. Click here to learn more.




Salem fishies


Walking around on this frozen pond…. what do we see?


Salem frozen fish

Oh noes!!! Frozen fishies!!



Salem church


Nearing the end of one of our days walking around Salem, I was able to catch the first church in the golden hour (when the sun is first beginning to set and a lovely golden hue is cast over all the light the sun touches).


Salem - private property


And perhaps my favourite- this oh-so-slightly creepy “private property” sign at a park. Love it!






By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes

– Shakespeare: Macbeth. Act IV, scene i






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  • I would love to visit Salem around Halloween! Have you ever been? Tell me your story!
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