Why do people feel the need to give away the surprise moment in a story, the twist of a plot, or the end of a sporting event


If you haven’t yet gathered, this post is about



(…. but no spoiler alert. For any series or movie.  (yes, even Game of Thrones.) I promise guys. It would be silly of me to do a rant of sorts about spoilers AND give away a spoiler in the process.)


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I find it sad that I cannot mention to some people that I began watching a new TV series, or am about to watch a certain movie.  They don’t respect my desire to discover the story on my own time, in my own way.


I shared that I began watching Orange is the New Black and had someone “promise no spoilers” but then give a vague spoiler (hello, I’m smart enough to get it folks!!), thus spoiling what is one of the main thru-lines.


Not too long ago, a facebook friend gave a huge Game of Thrones spoiler away on their timeline THE MOMENT it happened. Now, I was watching it too at the same time –either way, I had read the books, so I knew what was going to happen– but it bothered me that they posted this so carelessly and ruined the episode for their friends.



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People, it’s simple:



If you want to talk about something that happened in a story and you know it would be a surprise to anyone who is not where you are in the story:

  1. Post “SPOILER ALERT!!!!” very obviously early on in your post
  2. Give space before you actually write the spoiler
  3. …like this…
  4. It gives people time to realize they’re chasing a white rabbit… because perhaps they don’t want to….
  5. Then post the spoiler


Simple.  And then your friends *might* still like you.


Geico pig is showing you what NOT to do:



So, why do people do this to each other?

I feel as though anyone who does the spoiling is like the kid on the playground in elementary school chanting “I know something you don’t know….nah nah nah naah naaaaah!”


It seems as though they only care about themselves and how exciting it is that they know this secret — they are part of the “in club” because they’re in the know. This feeling is so exciting, they don’t realize they’re not showing respect and care to the other person. They’re not allowing the other person to experience the story on their own time.


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Is this REALLY a big deal?  No, not really.  We’re not withholding the cure for cancer, nor removing all unicorns from the face of the planet, nor anything equally horrific.  But we’re ruining a story!


Perhaps it’s the theatre major in me. I love a good story. Heck, I love a bad story. Spoiling the story is like ripping the writer’s soul out of the piece. -It is like removing the READER‘S soul out of the piece. It is removing the joy of the journey.


We read a book – or watch a show/movie- to enjoy the journey; to experience what the characters experience.  To see parts of ourselves in the characters and feel the exultation of their joy, the deepness of their sorrow, the thrill of their triumph.  We go on this journey because we want to get wrapped up in their story, to be transported to their world, to be part of something bigger than ourselves.



And to take that away from someone is pretty small.




So just don’t spoil things, k guys?

friends don't let friends spoil stories.

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For those who have subscribed to this blog (if you haven’t- what are you waiting for?? There’s a place to do it on the right!), I will be offline for the next week so there will be no posts during that time.

I will be visiting Martinique, a French island in the southern Caribbean.  If you weren’t aware, I have a life goal to go everywhere in the song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys, and this gets me one step closer to my goal!  Huzzah!

Though, that means in a few weeks you’ll have some fun tropical stories about me trying to not suck at French and likely tasting too much rum, along with photos of hiking a volcano and kayaking through mangroves! Things to look forward to!


Thanks for stopping by everyone!



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