Superbowl Commercial BINGO

For those who want a little something to entertain themselves during the game (perhaps you don’t care about sportsbally things, or you hate both teams, or you were dragged here by your friend / SO, or you just want something silly to add to your day) – I’ve made you a little present!



superbowl commercial BINGO
^click here for the pdf^

(free .pdf print outs. Made in 2018)



Just in case it’s not obvious, I’ll give a quick rundown:

  • There are 8 different cards. Everyone gets one. Depending on the number of players, some of you will have the same card.
  • When a commercial plays of the type that is on one of your squares, you get to mark that square.
    • House rules determine if you get to mark two squares at once for one commercial.  For example, if Budweiser does a patriotic commercial, do you get to mark both “Budweiser / Bud Light” and “Something patriotic” ? That’s up to you. Decide before you play.
    • Commercials only! You don’t get to mark “Pro-Athlete on screen” during the game. Don’t be “that guy” who asks.
  • Once you have marked squares in a row (up/down, across, or diagonally) you yell BINGO
  • yelling Bingo = winning
  • yelling Bingo when you don’t have Bingo = not winning, your friends picking on you, and you have to take a drink.


Them’s the rules kiddos! Easy-peasy!



For those who want more info on how the game was built:

  • First Column = media and such
  • Second Column = food and drink
  • Third Column = technology and such
  • Fourth Column = scenes and content
  • Fifth Column = things one might see on screen


Graphics are pretty much non-existant in this simple BINGO game. I’ve come to terms with that. I hope you have too.


OH- and for those who are wondering: I used to do this blog thing when I was touring all the time and needed a creative outlet. I mostly stopped to focus on other things in my life (and now I almost have too many creative outlets! Huzzah!). However, I made this bingo for an anti-superbowl party (hence the image in the free space) and figured this would be the easiest way to share a download link in case any of you wanted to play.  I might still post some other things here and there in the future…

Click the link below to download:

superbowl commercial BINGO

This is for all 8 cards. Print on regular size paper: 8.5×11
The pdf will open in a new window. Choose to download the pdf onto your computer to save for future use or print straight from the webpage.



While we’re all here, let’s just take a moment to remember #leftshark


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