Halloween BINGO

Alright friends! I got excited this morning and decided to make you all a gift!


Halloween BINGO!


Halloween Bingo! Free download at museinitiative.com/blog


I’ll be throwing a last-minute mini party/game night at my place. I’ll be home for the first time in about 4 years, and will actually get to hand out goodies to trick or treaters! So, I decided to add a new game to the mix!


If it’s not obvious, I’ll give a quick rundown:


  • There are 8 different halloween cards. Everyone gets one (or two?)
  • When a trick or treater arrives at your door with the aforementioned costume, you get to mark that square.
  • Once you have marked squares in a row (up/down, across, or diagonally) you yell BINGO
  • yelling Bingo = winning
  • yelling Bingo when you don’t have Bingo = not winning, your friends picking on you, and you have to take a drink.


Feel free to change it up if you wish:

  • Bring your cards downtown and check off what costumes you see tramping around the pubs.
  • Having a large costume party? Just play using the people in attendance and what they’re wearing.



Them’s the rules kiddos! Easy-peasy!


What sorts of costumes will you be looking for?

  • Characters from Frozen (a given this year)
  • Superheros
  • A specific historical figure
  • Athlete
  • Minion
  • Group costume (3 or more people)
  • Pirate
  • Vampire or Werewolf
  • and many more!



I hope you all enjoy!




Click the link below to download:

(this is for all 8 cards. Print on regular size paper: 8.5×11. PDF file)

Halloween BINGO free download at museinitiative.com/blog


(the pdf will open in a new window. Choose save to save the pdf onto your computer.)


Want more Halloween fun?


Click here for some halloweeny cupcake ideas

halloween cupcake decorating ideas! The mummy is my favorite!




  • Planning to play halloween bingo? Did you already play it? What did you think?
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Disney Flower and Garden Festival- fun for kids big and small

The topiaries at the Flower and Garden festival were amazing, but did you know there’s a whole lot more?




Whether you’re a group of adults or a family with small children, you’re bound to find fun things around the park all day.



TinkerBell’s butterfly garden


The garden was in this screened-in tent area where butterflies were “free” to fly all about the place.  It was kind of magical to have them all around you.


~tink butterfly



~faerie 2

~faerie can


~pirate fairy



Fun food and drink stands


There are not as many as one would find at the Food and Wine Festival, but there are a decent amount.  It’s always fun to try new/different things!


~linie aquavit



Children play areas


There are a number of well-themed children play and activity areas.  If I came here with my family when I was a child, my dad would have brought us here and said “ok- now go and get your ya yas out!”

~kids monsters
~mike and sully


~ kids fun



And my favorite garden:





Friend me on untapped (museinitiative) to see my reviews of the beers.


There are many more things to see and do at the festival that I didn’t get to do (they do tours of the festival for example- I’m sure there’s plenty of awesome things to learn).  Click here to learn more.




To read more about the topiaries and see photos of them, click here.


Or if you’d rather, check out my post on geeky Cupcakes (click here)! I mean, Disney now owns Star Wars, so it’s fitting, right?


  • Have you been to the Flower and Garden festival?  What was your favorite part?


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Disney Flower and Garden Festival- Topiaries!

Topiaries are sooo cool!  Here’s a collection of most of the topiaries that can be found at the Disney EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival.


~timon and pumba


Can you figure out what all the topiaries are?  If you mouse over each one, there is a quote or a hint.




 ~lady tramp



I visited this festival last week with my awesome cousin and her awesome husband.  It was a very fun time and I highly recommend visiting if you can, especially if you enjoy walking around the park and looking at cool things… I personally prefer this to standing in long lines for a bunch of rides.






The event continues through May 18, 2014 (and happens annually), so there is still time to make it if you didn’t get a chance!



~snow dwarfs2

 ~more dwarfs



Click here to visit the website about the festival!






OH! Did I mention that this isn’t a separate ticket event?  It is included with your park admission- park hoppers too!



~phineas and ferb

 I wanted to give some love to those of you who cannot make it to the festival, or those who just love seeing cool topiaries.  I hope you’re enjoying the trip through!

~sorcerer mickey 2


The topiaries can be found all around EPCOT (not just in world showcase), and are very well placed. It’s obvious Disney thought this out, as I would expect. (e.g. Buzz Lightyear can be found outside Mission: Space and The Cars area is right near Test Track).

Side note- want to know when to use e.g. versus i.e.? click here! (knowledge is power… or at least makes you look/sound better-er and more awesomer)


~lightin' mcqueen

 ~tow mater

Not every topiary was from a Disney movie, though.  There were some that just fit in with the area or country:

~norway troll



Standby for a second post about other activities and things for big kids and not-so-big kids!

~beast and belle

~chip potts


If you’d like to see more about the festival, visit page 2 which is all about fun for kids big and small.

Or, if you’d rather, click here to learn about someplace other than Disney (the Isle of Skye, for instance).


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