Partnachklamm- Beautiful Gorge in Germany


– is German for Partnach Gorge.  It’s an exceptionally beautiful gorge that I hiked through on a day trip from Munich.


beautiful partnachtklam


I took this trip with a group of 3 friends.  We had been touring together for a few months and had started calling ourselves “adventure team” since we always seem to find some sort of fun/odd adventure to go on.


statue in the gorge

The gorge is just northwest of Innsbruck and over the border into Germany.  We took a train from Munich to a small town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  The train was very easy to figure out and the prices were good.




To visit the official page for Partnachklamm, click here.  It IS a German page, so if you’d rather, visit the Wikipedia page here instead.


fall foliage


It was a beautiful early autumn day.  Slightly chilly with plenty of warmth when kissed by the sun.  A PERFECT day for hiking in a gorge in the woods.


Below is a video of the water inside the gorge (read on to the end for another video from above with the beautiful blue water).  Be warned- the water is LOUD!



But we can’t ONLY hike….. below is a series of Allison-in-silly-places photos for your enjoyment.


doorway to the gorge


silly hat


alli in a hobbit hole


planking in partnachklamm


There are a number of hiking trails to choose from- ones that go straight  down through the gorge, others that go up the hills and through the woods, over bridges and streams.  Plenty of choices for those with varying abilities and time allotments.


bridge falls



One last video for you all- a video of the water moving (the water is loud!  warning!).





I leave you all with this lovely view from above the gorge; the color of the water just amazes me.



gorge from above


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