Halloween BINGO

Alright friends! I got excited this morning and decided to make you all a gift!


Halloween BINGO!


Halloween Bingo! Free download at museinitiative.com/blog


I’ll be throwing a last-minute mini party/game night at my place. I’ll be home for the first time in about 4 years, and will actually get to hand out goodies to trick or treaters! So, I decided to add a new game to the mix!


If it’s not obvious, I’ll give a quick rundown:


  • There are 8 different halloween cards. Everyone gets one (or two?)
  • When a trick or treater arrives at your door with the aforementioned costume, you get to mark that square.
  • Once you have marked squares in a row (up/down, across, or diagonally) you yell BINGO
  • yelling Bingo = winning
  • yelling Bingo when you don’t have Bingo = not winning, your friends picking on you, and you have to take a drink.


Feel free to change it up if you wish:

  • Bring your cards downtown and check off what costumes you see tramping around the pubs.
  • Having a large costume party? Just play using the people in attendance and what they’re wearing.



Them’s the rules kiddos! Easy-peasy!


What sorts of costumes will you be looking for?

  • Characters from Frozen (a given this year)
  • Superheros
  • A specific historical figure
  • Athlete
  • Minion
  • Group costume (3 or more people)
  • Pirate
  • Vampire or Werewolf
  • and many more!



I hope you all enjoy!




Click the link below to download:

(this is for all 8 cards. Print on regular size paper: 8.5×11. PDF file)

Halloween BINGO free download at museinitiative.com/blog


(the pdf will open in a new window. Choose save to save the pdf onto your computer.)


Want more Halloween fun?


Click here for some halloweeny cupcake ideas

halloween cupcake decorating ideas! The mummy is my favorite!




  • Planning to play halloween bingo? Did you already play it? What did you think?
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Halloweeny Cupcakes!

YAAAY!!! It’s autumn! That means it’s almost halloween- arguably one of the best holidays of the year! So I’ve decided to do a series of halloween-related posts for your enjoyment! Since I’m not home much at the moment, I will need to rely on old photographs!

halloween cupcake decorating ideas! The mummy is my favorite!



Most of you may remember that I like decorating cupcakes in fun ways but I don’t use fondant. I know that means I lose in quality sometimes, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay for better tasting frosting.


If you’ve forgotten how I love to decorate cupcakes, just visit this post about my geeky cupcakes (well, some of them. I haven’t posted about all of them yet).

star wars superhero cupcakes


Or visit this post about St Patricks day workplace ideas, where you can see a batch of Irish-themed cupcakes I had decorated once for the office.

irish cupcakes




But I digress…. back to HALLOWEEN!


I’ve made two different groups of cupcakes in the past which have included the following characters:


halloween cupcake decorating ideas!


You may notice that sometimes I color using sprinkles. I enjoy this because it changes things up a little, and I have one less color to mix :)


Speaking of color, definitely invest in the gel icing color instead of using the liquid stuff. It will help keep your frosting the correct consistency without you needing to add powdered sugar.

That means if all you have is the liquid stuff and it makes your frosting too runny, you can add powdered sugar to help stiffen it back up.

Oh, but if you purchase a box set of the gel color (I got mine at Michael’s), open it before you get home to be sure it has ALL the colors. I was very sad to find out mine had two maroons, but no black :( I was a sad panda.


halloween cupcake decorating ideas!




So, what other trick-or-treat goodies might you anticipate in the following weeks you ask? Well, here are a few hints:

  • Three years ago I was lucky enough to be working in Mexico for Halloween… which means I was there for dia de los muertos (day of the dead).
  • Last year, I was working for Beyoncé and was in Sydney for Halloween. She threw a cast and crew party, so I knew I had to go big (just kidding, I’d go big anyway). Being on the road and having no sewing machine, I needed to get creative but still wanted to MAKE a costume. I will go so far as to say it is arguably one of the coolest costumes ever, and certainly one of the most awesome things I’ve ever made (I’m waiting on one of my photographer friends from the tour to find some better photos… somehow, all the ones I have are just ok).

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Want more fun stuff?


Click here to see photos of Partnachklamm, a beautiful gorge in Germany in Autumn

fall foliage

gorge from above

Or if you want to geek out about holidays, click here for the top 5 high fives in TV and Movies- for national High-five day!




  • Have you done any Halloween cake/cupcake decorating? Share your stories and links below!


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