Thor’s giving!

It’s that time of year!


Thor’s giving!


Wait, what? You mean THANKSGIVNG…. right?


No, no… I mean- Thorsgiving!  Thanksgiving is old hat. We need to spice things up- and geek things up!


thorsgiving instead of thanksgiving


Yeah, this idea started approximately ONE DAY prior to our “Friendsgiving” (where you get a bunch of friends together- most of whom don’t have families in town. Sometimes called “Orphan Thanksgiving”) festivities. So it was a lot of last-minute silly planning and fun.


Someone gave me the idea of hulk smash potatoes- and I took the idea and ran with it. Sadly, we had so much fun, I didn’t take many photos of our food :( But I’ll list a bunch of ideas here so you can use them at will!


hulk smash



Food ideas for Thor’s giving:

  • Hulk Smash potatoes
    • green food coloring + potatoes.
    • Or add wasabi paste for more spice and oddness!
  • Iron man’s suit salad
    • Using only red and yellow items! I made a salad with yellow bell peppers, yellow onions, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. I made a sun-dried tomato pesto dressing.
  • Hawk-eyed peas
    • Black eyed peas
  • As American as Captain America’s Apple Pie
  • Nick Fury Brownies (ours were made with Kraken rum too… for fun!)
  • Black Widow Cookies
    • ours were pumpkin sugar cookies that we decorated with a pomegranate seed for the red spot and black frosting to draw the spider
  • Tony Starch (Stark) bread
  • or Agent Phil Crumbson rolls
  •  –with Doctor Bruce Butter
  • Shawarma
  • Thoreos
  • Lokit-kats
  • Hulk poop casserole
    • Green bean casserole
  • Natasha Stroganoff
  • Erik Stuffing (Selvig)
  • Loki Turkey
    • (or Thor-key)
  • Black (widow) pudding
  • Maria Hill of yams
    • make sweet potato/yam dish- form into a hill.
  • Clint Bacon (Barton)
  • Stark-bucks coffee
    • for your after-dinner beverage



nick fury brownies and black widow cookies


Don’t forget to use the OVEN-gers to do all your baking. hahah. ha. ha…..

Your iron pan is likely to come in handy. hahaahaah. ha…..

Be sure to provide salt and Pepper Potts so your guests can adjust flavor. hahaa. ha.


I need a life.




It was a pretty low-key event (snicker). But we certainly had lots of fun! We ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity. Who doesn’t love that game? Seriously?


thorsgiving full of friends

note the hulk-smash potatoes front and center

Sadly, this year, I will be flying a red eye home from working in Brazil (through my least favorite airport in the world. GRU- Sao Paulo). So we won’t be hosing a Thor’s giving this year. No reason you can’t though!


Go forth and with the might of all Asgard, have a pun-tastic Thor’s giving (or normal thanksgiving, if you so desire)



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